Monthly compilation of our project Unlabelled Girls for December 2019, thanks to all the girls for their tag #unlabelledgirls and the clips sent.

This project is an initiative of Unlabelled Media & Clothing :https://www.unlabelled-media.com

All merchs are available at 

FEATURED GIRLS (by order of appearance) :

Laura Acosta Murcia (Colombia)Lula Varela (Spain)Irem Keskin (Turkey)Jeanne Sauvage (France)Marie Rothkamm (Germany)Sovi Kit (Russia)Maé Penner (France)Nastya Kulaeva (Russia)Alejandra Jiménez (Mexico)Annie Nole (Peru)Luana Goncalvez (Brazil)Darly Saavedra (Peru)Gisela Nani (Argentina)Shine Au-Yeung (Honk Kong)Jackie Schrooten (Netherlands)Kaho (Japan)Kim Braconnier (France)Kalo Tobon (Colombia)Valentina (Colombia)Aniek Kerkhofs (Netherlands)Natacha (Venezuela)Maria De Los Angeles (Venezuela)Milu Guevara (Colombia)Daniela Leon (Chile)Darlyn (Chile)Mayis (Colombia)Melissa Rosales (Peru)Helle Christiansen (Denmark)Nicoly Machado (Brazil)Kate (UK)Angie (Mexico)Suzuka (Japan)

One love, peace and Happy New Year 2020 !

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