Posted 28/02/2015

The Winterclash is one of the best excuses to film talented riders and do an amazing edit of the event.
This edit is just our vision of the Clash, not meant to report the facts in the right timeline or showing the winner as the main character. It's what happened seen from our eyes, Unlabelled helped by RVB and David Aubert with additional footage bring this montage on the table, another one, just another one. Enjoy !

featuring Antony Pottier, David Sizemore, Diego Guilloud, Nick Lomax, Eugen Enin, Roman Abrate, Clement Boucau, Robert Spassov, Edwin Weiringh, Regis Pottier and others

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Soundtrack by Kage Sparks & Black Caz "Beware of the Beast"


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posted 26/10/2014