Posted 22/08/2017

Video subtitled in English - Video sous-titrée en Français

Additional footage by Michel Prado


Danny Guerrero shares a part of her life with us, from Venezuela to Barcelona, she loves skating, music, lutheria and most of all, her husband Michel Prado to whom the video is dedicated ! 

This is the story of Danny Guerrero and what she has been through last year. She was living in Caracas, Venezuela and was already skating at that time. She met Michel Prado at a contest, he was a guest and they connected quickly. After some (a lot of) planning and paperworks, Danny flew out Caracas to live in Barcelona with Michel. Few months of happiness later, the couple has been attacked on a session and that event brought Michel into a long coma. Danny has stayed to take care of him with his family and now things have come back in order. Danny wanted to talk about how she felt after all these stories so here is her message to anyone living hard times. "No todo puede ser tan malo" (Not everything can be that bad)


The television has made also a report on the story available here 

A second one is available here


All our love to a super couple that made this video possible.  

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